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Can you ever be honest about anything not in accordance with your partisan

desires? All travelers were banned from China, not just Chinese, nor Chinese traveling from other parts of the world (so much for the xenophobia lie). And the only exceptions were American citizens and legal residents of the U.S., which btw applies to this, apparently "worthless" according to you, ban as well.

If you have an issue with those that claim that move likely saved thousands of lives, because of your desperate desire to not give Trump credit for anything, you should start with taking it up with Dr. Fauci.

Of course, the point isn't about whether the bans should've been put in place to begin with, or even if one ban was more appropriate than the other. It's about the utter hypocrisy from the left on this point as exhibited when it was Trump putting the ban in place, and the MSM that was complicit in pushing the partisan dishonest narrative. But you knew that.

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Posted: 11/29/2021 at 5:46PM


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