SportsWar’s Town Hall

Welcome to the SportsWar Network’s Town Hall web site, where registered SportsWar users meet to discuss … well, all the topics that aren’t allowed on the message boards of our regular sports sites.

That usually winds up being politics. (shrug)

A few notes about Town Hall:

1.) This site is not affiliated with the political web site In our case, the phrase “town hall” is just a catch-all for the topics discussed on the boards, here, not an effort to brand the term “town hall” in any way, or to infringe on others’ brands.

2.) In general, these boards are unmonitored … but that doesn’t mean you can be a complete out of control jerk here. Be strong, be opinionated, but don’t be vulgar, don’t stalk others, and don’t post profanity or nudity, or any other stuff that a reasonable person would consider to be off-limits.

3.) “What boards?” you say. Ah … the boards hosted by this site aren’t linked anywhere on the site. Tricky, eh? The boards hosted on SportsWar’s Town Hall are by invitation only. If you’re a registered user of any of our SportsWar sites, then you might — or might not — know the URLs for the boards on this site.